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2022 EB3 Jobs: South Carolina

South Carolina’s economy is storming back from the Covid-19 setback. The state is seeing increased demand for restaurants, bars, homes, and apartments. The only aspect of the economy that is lacking is labor. Each day, more and more jobs are being posted in South Carolina, especially in the construction and restaurant industries. To truly unleash the economic potential in the state, it is imperative that they find workers willing to fill these roles.

EB3 Construction Jobs

Due to several factors including favorable economic policies for both businesses and individuals, South Carolina is experiencing an influx of new residents as well as increased investment for development projects. Home prices are rising by nearly 5% each month boosting the overall construction industry.

As the state welcomes new businesses and residents, they are investing heavily in infrastructure creating the need for several EB3 construction workers.

If you are an EB3 category worker interested in finding an employer sponsored Green Card, check out our available EB3 jobs. The EB3 Visa is a United States employment-based visa category for skilled workers, professionals, and other workers.

If you are one of the many business owners looking to fill open laborer positions, EB3 visa workers could be a great option. They tend to stay with their employer twice as long as others due to the Green Card agreement.

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EB3 Restaurant Jobs

The restaurant industry in South Carolina is booming with growth projected to continue throughout 2022. New restaurants are being built, and old ones are expanding their locations. Furthermore, the state has had a challenging time hiring and retaining talent across this industry for a number of different factors.

The lack of employees is creating negative experiences for many customers hurting the overall business of the restaurant.

To continue growing, this industry will require an influx of new EB3 workers to fill serving, hosting, cooking, and cleaning positions across the state. To incentivize workers, many restaurants are increasing wages, and improving benefits for all employees.

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