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2022 EB3 Jobs: Texas

The Covid lockdowns have caused a large amount of ripple effects across the United States. It has changed people’s perceptions on health, politics, work, mental health, social justice, and many other topics. Changes in the mindsets of many people has contributed to one of the largest moving periods in the history of the country, with an overwhelming amount of US citizens deciding to pack up and start fresh elsewhere.

EB3 Construction Jobs in Texas

The state of Texas has been one of the most moved to states in the US with many cities such as Houston, Austin, and San Antonio seeing an influx of new residents. This has caused the rental market to catch fire with the average rent for a one-bedroom skyrocketing over 25% in the past year. This trend is showing no signs of slowing down as the state is considered one of the best places to move to for those in their twenties.

Given the boom in population size, there has been heavy economic investment across the state to build out and improve upon existing infrastructure. The state is developing roads, bridges, and of course homes and rental properties. In order to accomplish these projects, many Texas construction companies are hiring several contruction laborers.

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Texas EB3 Service Jobs

While many new and old Texas residents resume their normal ways of life, they are looking to go outside of the house and enjoy restaurants and bars. To keep up with demand, several restaurants and bars are upping wages and benefits to attract workers to fill their labor shortages.

The restaurant industry has been particularly impacted by the consequences of Covid-19, with many workers leaving the industry for good.

Restauarants all across Texas are searching for individuals to fill jobs as servers, hosts, cooks, and cleaners. This is an opportune time for anyone interested in securing a Green Card in the United States.

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Benefits of EB3 Workers

There are many reasons to consider hiring an EB3 foreign national. For one, they have demonstrated exceptional ability in their field through experience or training. These workers are also looking to gain permanent U.S. residency, so they will be long-term and reliable members of your team. On average an EB3 worker stays at their job for over five years, which is much longer than the average American worker.

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