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2022 EB3 Service Jobs in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois is slowly but surely recovering from the economic hitch induced by the Covid-19 pandemic. The state as a whole was hit particularly hard as several precautions limited businesses ability to conduct their daily operations. All restaurants, bars, and hotels were restricted by capacity limits and shortened operating hours making the last two years a difficult time to generate revenue. Now, as restrictions are lifted, employers are facing a new challenge in the form of labor shortages. Chicago’s economic rebound is reliant on filling open roles across many industries like service.

EB3 Service Jobs

As Chicago specifically attempts to recoup, many restaurants and hotels are struggling to retain and attract workers to fill out their staff. Over a quarter of a million jobs still remain unfilled, making it one of the worst hit states in the country.

These staffing shortages are leading to unhappy experiences for customers and stunting what otherwise could be a booming Chicago economy. Demand for hotel rooms and restuarants will continue to grow as the United States tourism industry is surpassing previous records.

In order to accomodate tourists and the return to normal life in general, many business owners in Chicago are incentivizing workers by increasing wages and improving benefits. If you are an EB3 worker interested in securing a Green Card, check out our open EB3 jobs now!

Benefits of the EB3 Visa

The time has never been better to be an EB3 category worker. Some of the main perks of the EB3 Visa include :

-The ability to live and work permanently in the United States

-Obtaining a Green Card for you and your family

-Access to better jobs, wages, and working conditions

If you have the skillset required for an EB-03 position, don’t hesitate to check out our open EB3 jobs list! Help Chicago get back on its feet and begin

EB3 Workers: The Chicago Labor Shortage Solution

If you are a Chicago business owner who is struggling to fill open positions, consider hiring EB3 category workers. In general, EB3 workers tend to stay with their employer for a longer period of time than other workers making them a great long-term solution to your current business problem.

Our team of Green Card experts has spent over two decades matching the perfect EB3 candidates with the right employer