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Dustoff Z review friv game

We finally got to the zombie apocalypse arcade game Dustoff Z, released in October. Let's share our impressions in the review.

The plot is typical for zombie-setting: the apocalypse has happened, the survivors have taken refuge on fortified bases, behind the walls of which the hordes of walking dead are raging. The player, controlling a helicopter, makes forays into the infected territory, performing a variety of tasks.
At the beginning of the adventure the players have at their disposal a shabby helicopter, which can't even be called a helicopter, but gradually, earning coins, you can improve your flying machine: buy new hulls, hire fighters who will shoot zombies, attach to the "chopper" gadgets that contribute to more effective destruction of monsters.

Missions unfold on different locations, from a country farm to a military base, and zombies gradually improve: they jump high, hit painfully, throw objects. From time to time you have to face bosses, and each such fight can spoil a lot of nerve cells.

By and large, this game developer website Friv2Online Games Studio belongs somewhere on mobile devices. There are enough better projects on PC and consoles that can brighten up your evening or two. If Dustoff Z attracted you by its description or screenshots, you can spend your time on it, but don't expect it to surprise you.