EB 3 Visa Green Card Program for Employers

A solution to unskilled worker chronic staffing shortages [2022]

It’s no secret that hiring unskilled and low-skilled workers has been incredibly challenging and shows little signs of abating.

Employers have been forced to reduce hours, reduce services, or close locations.

Those with a full workforce enjoy a competitive advantage and a rare opportunity to increase market share simply by being open and available.

Staffing Solutions
The EB-3 Program (Unskilled Workers Category) enables unskilled workers (occupations requiring less than two years’ training or experience) to enter the U.S. as Green Card holders with full-time, permanent employment.

What is the EB-3 visa green card?
The EB-3 is a permanent resident visa/green card.

The process takes a little longer than the temporary non-immigrant visas like the H-2B visa but it usually has a higher chance of approval and it is not temporary.

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