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Essential Workers Update – Immigration Reform Reconciliation Bill – 9/14/2021

On September 13, 2021 the Immigration Language for the Reconciliation Bill passed.

You can find it here.

1) It creates a path to Permanent Residency for Dreamers, (anyone who came to the US under the age of 18 and has continuously resided here since January 1, 2021 would be considered a dreamer).

2) Essential workers: those who have continuously resided in the US since January 1, 2021, and have “demonstrated a consistent record of earned income in the United States in an occupation described in the guidance of the Department of Homeland Security entitled ‘Advisory Memorandum on Ensuring Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker’s Ability to Work During the COVID–19 Response’, issued on August 10, 2021, during the period beginning on January 31, 2020, and ending on
25 August 24, 2021.