Family Based Immigration

Here is how it works:

  • Preparing family, employment and self-sponsored immigration petitions for attorneys and law firms.
  • Training paralegals in using best practices to prepare immigration cases for filing with the DOL and USCIS.
  • Building custom back-end client portals and apps for immigration attorneys.
  • Creating website content with the goal of establishing authority and high search engine rankings.
  • When it comes to managing immigration cases, attorneys face a difficult process that involves tight deadlines, managing overhead costs and attending numerous legal hearings. This can make it harder for a law practice to focus on important tasks like bringing in new clients.
  • That’s where Mr. Dorer comes in. He is passionate about simplifying the immigration case workflow for both attorneys and their clients.
  • Known for his strategic planning and interpersonal skills, he excels when  addressing the challenges that immigration attorneys and their clients face.
  • Whether implementing custom case management systems and apps, designing immigration case management workflows, or preparing petitions for filing with USCIS and DOL, he  knows what it takes to provide the highest level of support to attorneys.

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