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When should you file an Appeal to the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO).

When a USCIS Service Center denies an employment-based visa petition you often have 2 options:

  • Refile a new petition with USCIS
  • File an Appeal to the AAO
  • There are certain situations where refiling with USCIS is not an option.

Advantages of Filing an Appeal to the AAO:

  • You can use the administrative review process to provide additional evidence that your client has met the requirements for the relevant visa classification.
  • If the official decides to approve the petition, the appeal would be treated as a motion to reopen or reconsider (whichever is applicable).

Disadvantages of Filing an Appeal to the AAO:

  • At least for H-1B and L-1 cases, the odds of success are not high.
  • Potentially long processing time.


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