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About the prevailing wage for H-1B, H-1B1, E-3 Visa and PERM foreign labor certification petitions. is a website built by the State of Utah under contract by the Department of Labor. The wage data is made available to the public and may be used in other applications.

We use the same data as, however we integrated the following in our foreign labor certification prevailing wage app at

Find the County:

We currently have to leave in order to find the County. For example we have to google something to the effect of “Dallas, TX county”.

To address this we added a zip code to county database to our app. This database is updated quarterly.

In our prevailing wage tool the user has the option of entering either the zip code or the county.

Determining the Prevailing Wage Level

Currently the instructions for determining the prevailing wage level are buried in a 36 page pdf on To see how time consuming this is see the video below:


We addressed this by building the calculations into our app. The user can now enter the employer’s minimum requirements for the position and the app calculates and displays the prevailing wage level. The user can easily print the results to pdf.

To see how easy and quick it is to find the prevailing wage using our tool see the following video:

FLC Prevailing Wage Tool

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