H-1B Visa - Immigration Outsourcing Service for Attorneys

Our team can prepare your firm’s H-1B Petitions. Here is an overview of the process:

  • You can start by requesting an engagement agreement.
  • We will set up H-1B Visa your case in our online client portal.
  • You complete the questionnaires and upload the required supporting documents.
  • Once we receive the information and documentation we will:
    • Provide information regarding the prevailing wage, the SOC Code, the NAICS code, job duties, and the minimum requirements for the position
    • Prepare the LCA Posting
    • Prepare the LCA
    • Prepare the I-129 Forms
    • Prepare the USCIS petition letter
    • Provide instructions on regarding form signatures
    • Provide instructions on correct order of documents
    • Provide USCIS Filing Instructions
    • Provide a “What’s Next” Document for the employer and beneficiary.

H-1B Visa - Outsource Agreement Request

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