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H-1B Visa for Computer Programmers

How to apply for an H-1B Visa for a Computer Programmer.

This applies to New, Amended, Renewal, Extension, Transfer, Part time and Full time H-1B Visa petitions.

SOC Code for Computer Programmer

The SOC Code for Software Developers is 15-1251.00.

The OOH Link states that Most computer programmers have a bachelor’s degree.

H-1B Visa for Computer Programmer

Prevailing Wage For Computer Programmer

Prevailing wage for H-1B Visa for for Computer Programmer

3 Digit LCA Code for Computer Programmer



$460 I-129 Fee

$500 anti fraud

25 or more employees: $1,500

Under 25 employees: $750

Premium Processing: $2,500

H-1B Visa Filing Address

USCIS Memos for the H-1B Visa Computer Programmer Position

Innova Solutions, Inc. v. Baran – December 16, 2020, Computer Programmer is a Specialty Occupation. “[t]here is no daylight between typically needed, per the OOH, and normally required, per the regulatory criteria”

USCIS H-1B June 17, 2020 – Policy Memorandum – Determining Employer – Contracts and Itineraries Requirements for H-1B Petitions – Employer / Employee Relationship

H-1B Visa – Employer / Employee relationship no longer enforceable by USCIS, ITServe Alliance v. L. Francis Cissna,

A position can qualify as a specialty occupation even if it permits a degree in more than one academic discipline – InspectionXpert Corporation v. Cuccinelli,

A degree in one specific major is not required – 3Q Digital, Inc. v. USCIS

A specialty occupation is a job that “normally” requires “abachelor’s degreeNext Generation Tech., Inc. v. Johnson, Taylor Made Software v. Cuccinelli, 3Q Digital, Inc. v. USCIS

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