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LCA Denied Because DOL Can’t Verify the FEIN?

REASON FOR DENIAL: Section C.12 of this application contains an obvious inaccuracy.

The Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) value entered in Section C.12 of the ETA Form 9035E could not be verified by the CNPC as a valid nine-digit FEIN assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

In order for the employer to overcome the issue identified on the denial determination for any future LCAs submitted using this exact FEIN, the CNPC will need to obtain the following information:

(1) A copy of this e-mail; and

(2) At least one document from the sample list below that clearly displays the FEIN and the name of the employer associated with the unique identification number:

Documentation from IRS noting assignment of FEIN;

  • Federal or State tax return (only acceptable with a pre-printed label) or a pre-printed tax coupon;
  • Documentation from employer’s financial institution showing employer’s FEIN;
  • Articles of incorporation, business license, or other certifications of business existence;
  • Secretary of State registration documents;
  • Official and/or government documents
  • Other documentation showing the FEIN and name of the employer

Here’s The Solution


Subject Line: LCA Business Verification Team – Proof of Valid FEIN     


Please verify this FEIN.

Attach: FEIN Document(s)

After sending the above email you should receive the following automated response from LCA, Chicago – ETA SVC <>

Thank you for contacting the Labor Condition Application (LCA) Help desk.  Your inquiry has been received and is currently being processed. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your inquiry pertains to an FEIN verification, please submit the required documentation as requested by the Chicago NPC.  Once documentation has been received, the Chicago NPC staff will review your documentation and contact you via email directly after our staff has been able to verify or not verify that the FEIN is valid.  To avoid receiving any future denials based upon an obviously invalid FEIN, please do not submit new LCAs until after your FEIN has been verified by the Chicago NPC and you have received a confirmation message to begin filing new LCAs.