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Multiple H-2B workers in a petition

Including more than one alien in a petition.

You may include multiple aliens who seek admission in the H-2B classification on the same petition provided you are requesting the same action for each, and all aliens will:

1. Be employed for the same period of time;
2. Be employed in the same location(s); and
3. Perform the same services or labor.

Total number of workers.

The total number of workers you request on an H-2B petition must not exceed the number of workers approved by the Department of Labor on the temporary labor certification.

If naming beneficiaries, a single H-2B petition may be filed on behalf of no more than 25 named workers.

A petitioner may file additional petitions if requesting more than 25 named workers.

Naming beneficiaries.

Generally, you may request named or unnamed workers as beneficiaries of an H-2B petition.

However, you may not request both named and unnamed workers on the same H-2B petition.

H-2B workers who must be named:

You must provide the name, date of birth, country of birth, and country of nationality of all H-2B workers who:

1. Are currently in the United States; or
2. Are nationals of countries that are not designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security as eligible to participate in the H-2B program (see Eligible Countries List“).

In addition, USCIS may require the petitioner to name H-2B beneficiaries where the name is needed to establish eligibility for H-2B nonimmigrant status.

NOTE: You must submit an H-2B Named Worker Attachment for each additional beneficiary when more than one named beneficiary is included in the petition.