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I-751 Checklist [2022]

What documents should I send with my I-751 Petition?

The I-751 Petition is document-intensive and will require that you be organized and prepared to provide all the evidence you have of a bona fide marriage, even if your marriage ended.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the documents you provide must cover from the date of Marriage to the date you file the case or if you are no longer married, until the date your marriage ended.

USCIS places a lot of weight on – proof of joint ownership of assets, joint responsibility for liabilities and active commingling of finances. Evidence that  you have combined financial resources such as:

Full Checking, Savings or investment account statements showing ALL the transaction pages. USCIS will review the statements to see that the accounts have been actively used on a routine basis by both spouses for household and living expenses through the marriage

Proof that you and your spouse have made estate, health and financial planning arrangements with each other – such as a will, trust or durable power of attorney for health or property or both.

Federal and State Tax Returns, including relevant schedules and attachments such as W2 from date of Marriage to present. USCIS prefers that there is PROOF of filing with the IRS.  So it is best to order the actual Return and Wage and Income Transcripts from the IRS instead of sending a copy of the returns )

Joint utility bills, family plan cell phones, etc.

Joint Loan or credit card account statements.

Any other joint accounts that prove your joint-life.

Children as a result of your marriage

Copies of civilly registered birth certificates

Final Adoption Decrees for any children adopted

Court guardianship records for any stepchildren

School/Medical Records indicating the stepparent as a contact/guardian

Proof that you and your spouse have resided together and shared responsibility for a common residence.

Lease in both names showing joint occupancy

Deeds or Mortgages in both names showing joint ownership

Copies of Driver’s Licenses/Identity Cards showing the same residence.

Proof of joint trips or vacations.


Boarding passes

Hotel/Car Rental Receipts

Passport – entry/exit stamps and visas

Military Documentation (if applicable)

All pages from DD-1172 Form

Military Identification Card for both spouses and children

Form DD-1278 – if deployed outside the US

Permanent Change of Status documents – if deployed outside the US

Designation of spouse as beneficiary of SGLI policy

Proof of health insurance policy on behalf of dependents.

Affidavits from third parties who have knowledge of the bona fides of the marriage

Must contain the affiants full name, address, date, and place of birth

Include detailed information on how the affiant acquired first-hand knowledge of the marital relationship

Proof – such as photographs etc.

Affiants may be called to testify before an immigration officer regarding the affidavit.

Photographs of joint-life

Do not provide the original photographs.

Create a word document with the photographs in date order. Then print out the document in color and file with the I-751

Note the date, location, and occasion for each photograph.

If you are outside the U.S. you must provide

Two (2) passport-style photographs for each spouse and any children who are applying

Two completed Form RD-258 Fingerprint Cards for each spouse and children over the age of 14

Copy of current military/government orders.

I-751 – Attorney Services & Fees

We work with a few select highly experienced immigration attorneys.

The attorney fee is $995. This is a flat fee with no hidden costs.

The USCIS fee is $680.

If you would like an experienced, highly rated immigration attorney to assist you in removing the conditions of residence, below is an overview of how the process will work:

1. You complete and submit the form below requesting a Retainer Agreement.

2. The immigration attorney will e-mail you the Retainer Agreement.

3. You email back the signed Retainer Agreement with the attorney fee required to begin the case.

4. When the signed retainer agreement and attorney fee are received, your case will begin and your online account will be set up.

5. You will receive a username and password to log in to your online account. You will then be able to complete your questionnaires and upload the required supporting documents. You will be able to check the status of your case 24/7 using your online account.

6. The immigration attorney will send you the completed USCIS forms to sign.

7. You return the signed forms and USCIS check.

8. The immigration attorney will complete the petition package and file (via FedEx next day) your I-751 petition with USCIS.

9. The immigration attorney will follow up with the USCIS until your I-751 petition is approved, and you receive the 10-year Permanent Residence Card in the mail.

To request a retainer agreement, please complete and submit the form below. The immigration attorney will email you the retainer agreement within 24 hours.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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