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I-751 Form [2022]

The I-751 Form is used to apply to remove the conditions on the Green Card for people who obtained their status through Marriage.

You can download a fillable I-751 form from USCIS at  

You should also download the instructions to the form as well.

It is an eleven (11) page document, which asks for information about each spouse, dependent children, and your marriage.  

Make sure that you either type or print the information in black ink. 

If your handwriting is not good, you should consider asking someone else to fill out the form. 

You want to make sure that the information you provide is crystal clear to avoid any misunderstanding.  Also, USCIS may reject your petition if it is not legible.

As with all USCIS forms, there is limited space so make sure to use the last page for any information that does not fit.  

You should have on hand copies of your prior marriage case forms.  This will ensure that the information you provide is accurate and the same as before.  Also, if there was a mistake in the prior filings you should ask a lawyer if it is something that can negatively affect your case.

It is important to note that all questions are applicable.  So, if for example you have no children, you can just write None on the first question of the section, do not leave it blank; then skip to the next question.

Part 1 Information about Conditional Resident (pages 1-2)

  1. Your Name:  If you decide to take your married name, you should note it here.

2-3.  Other Names Used: This includes prior maiden names and nicknames.

4-6. Information about your birth and citizenship.

7-9. Personal Identification Numbers:

Your Alien Registration Number is on your Green Card (aka USCIS #).

You will ONLY have a USCIS Online Registration Number if you requested an account from USCIS at

10 – 14. Information about your Marriage and Conditional Residence.

15 – 17. Address Information.  ONLY provide your Physical Address if it is DIFFERENT from your mailing address.

18 – 23. Specific information about any proceedings, illegal activities, and residence.

Part 2 – Biographic Information (page 2) – about the Conditional Resident

Part 3 – Basis for Petition (page 3)  – It is especially important that you answer Question #1.

Only complete 1c – g if you are requesting that the joint filing requirement be waived.

Part 4 – Information about Sponsoring Spouse – indicate your relationship and provide their mailing and physical address.

Part 5 – Information about your children (page 3 – 5)– if you have more than 5 children, make sure to use page 12 addendum and provide the same information for any other children.

Part 6 – Accommodations for Disabilities/Impairments (page 5)– Questions 1 – 3 for you, your spouse or any children applying.   If anyone has a disability make sure to complete #4 – indicate who has the disability/impairment, what the disability is, and what accommodations are required.

Part 7 – Petitioner’s Statement, etc. (page 6 -7)  Usually it is the sponsoring spouse who is considered the PETITIONER, but on the  I-751 the foreign spouse is considered the PETITIONER.

#1 – #2 – indicate if you can read and understand English and provide the name of who prepared the form if it was not you or your spouse.  #3 provide your contact information. Write the Foreign Spouse’s name under Acknowledgement of Appointment at USCIS (page 6).   The foreign spouse should sign and date at Petitioner’s Signature section – on the current form that is on page 7, #6a-b.

Part 8 – Spouse’s Statement – (page 7 – 8)  Provide information about the spouse (sponsor) from English proficiency, name of preparer, and contact information.   Write the sponsoring spouse’s name under Acknowledgement of Appointment on Page 8.  The sponsoring spouse should sign on Page 8, #6a-b.

Part 9 – Interpreter Information (page 8 – 9) Only complete this section if you do not speak or understand English.  Make sure that the interpreter signs and dates the form on Page 9, #6a-6b.

Part 10 – Preparer Information (page 9 – 10) Only complete this section if someone other than you or your spouse completed the form.  The preparer must sign and date the form on Page 11, #8a-b

Make sure to double-check your form. Check that all the information is 100% correct and that the form is properly signed and dated.  Remember, either type in the information or use black ink (pen).

I-751 – Attorney Services & Fees

We work with a few select highly experienced immigration attorneys.

The attorney fee is $995. This is a flat fee with no hidden costs.

The USCIS fee is $680.

If you would like an experienced, highly rated immigration attorney to assist you in removing the conditions of residence, below is an overview of how the process will work:

1. You complete and submit the form below requesting a Retainer Agreement.

2. The immigration attorney will e-mail you the Retainer Agreement.

3. You email back the signed Retainer Agreement with the attorney fee required to begin the case.

4. When the signed retainer agreement and attorney fee are received, your case will begin and your online account will be set up.

5. You will receive a username and password to log in to your online account. You will then be able to complete your questionnaires and upload the required supporting documents. You will be able to check the status of your case 24/7 using your online account.

6. The immigration attorney will send you the completed USCIS forms to sign.

7. You return the signed forms and USCIS check.

8. The immigration attorney will complete the petition package and file (via FedEx next day) your I-751 petition with USCIS.

9. The immigration attorney will follow up with the USCIS until your I-751 petition is approved, and you receive the 10 year Permanent Residence Card in the mail.

To request a retainer agreement, please complete and submit the form below. The immigration attorney will email you the retainer agreement within 24 hours.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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