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I-751 Processing Time 2021

How long does it take for the I-751 to be approved?

Unfortunately, the I-751 has one of the longest Processing times – between 12 – 19 months.  USCIS will extend your Green Card for 18 months (from the date it expires). 

The USCIS receipt notice you prove your legal status for work, allow you to travel internationally and be used to renew your driver’s license. 

The only thing that may expedite the process is if you are in the US Military (Active Duty).  

Otherwise, not even providing tons of evidence, including having children born to the marriage will expedite the process.   

Bottomline USCIS takes its sweet time processing the I-751 petitions.

The only good thing about the I-751 Process is that the conditional resident can file for U.S. Citizenship even if the I-751 is still pending. 

The basic requirements to file for U.S. Citizenship:

  • The conditional resident is still married
  • They have been married for 3 years
  • The conditional resident has had their Green Card for 2 years and 9 months
  • The sponsoring spouse has been a U.S. Citizen for 3 years.

The conditional resident will also need to meet the other requirements such as the physical presence/continuous residence and no criminal incidents which make them ineligible.