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I-751 USCIS Filing Fee [2022]

How much does it cost to file the I-751?

Currently, the fee to file the I-751 is $680.00 – which includes the biometrics.

If any children are included in the filing you must pay $85.00 for each child.

USCIS updates the fees from time to time so before you file any petition you should always double-check to make sure the fees have not changed.  Go to:

You can pay the fee with a money order, personal check, or cashier’s check.  But using a personal check will be easier and offer you some added security. 

With a personal check you will be able to obtain a copy of the cashed check from your bank. 

Many times USCIS will stamp the back of the check with the USCIS receipt number.  It is almost impossible to obtain a copy of the cashed money order.

How do I fill out a personal check?

First, you should fill out the current date.  Usually, the date line is located at the top-right of the check.  You should not post-date (future date) your check.

Second, write the Name and address of the payor – the person providing the check.  The payment does not have to come from either spouse.  If the check does not have the payor’s name or address preprinted, you can very clearly handwrite the information at the top of the check.

Third, write the name of the payee (person/organization receiving the payment).  Many checks will state – “Pay to the Order Of” before the blank line.  The check must be payable to US Department of Homeland Security. You should not abbreviate the name.  If need be, write very small to ensure that the whole name fits on the line.

Fourth, write the payment amount in numbers clearly in the box after the payee name.  Currently, the I-751 with biometrics costs six-hundred eighty.  You can either write the amount as:  680 or 680.00.  You do not have to include the dollar sign ($).  It is important that the numeric amount is correct or else USCIS may reject your petition.

Fifth, write the payment amount in words on the line below the payee’s name.  The written amount must match the numeric amount in the box.  This is the tricky part for some people.  Many people tend to write the payment amount incorrectly.  This may not create any problems in your everyday life, but it can create a problem with USCIS.  If the dollar amount is written incorrectly USCIS has been known to reject cases.  If USCIS rejects your case they will mail everything back to you.  This can sometimes take them up to a month or more to do so.  As you can see this will create a delay in your filing of the I-751.

Many people will incorrectly write the payment fee as: Six Hundred & Eighty, which in actuality means $600.80 and not $680.00. The “and” goes before the cents.

As stated before, the I-751 fee is $680.00.  The correct way to write this amount is:

Six-hundred Eighty & 00/100.

If the amount was $685.85, then you would write the 85 cents over 100 like this:

Six-hundred Eighty & 85/100

Sixth, write a memo – Jane Doe, I-751.  This way you will know what the check was for.

Seventh, the payor must sign the check.  Many people erroneously sign the back of the check.  The payor must ONLY sign the front of the check – line at the bottom right of the check.

How do I fill out a Cashier’s Check?

If you use a Cashier’s Check to pay the USCIS fee, you will not have to worry about the numeric or written payment amounts as they will be preprinted on the check.  So, you will only have to write a memo indicating what the check is for and the payee’s name if it was not already preprinted on the check.

Cashier’s Checks are issued directly from a bank and as long as you provide the correct information you should have no problems with the check.   But you should inquire to see how you can obtain a copy of the cashed check if necessary.

How do I fill out a Money Order?

When you use a Money Order, you do not have to worry about the numeric or written payment amounts as they will be preprinted on the Money Order.  So as long as you provided the correct payment amount all you have to worry about is providing the payor and payee information.

Each Money Order is different, but the information you need to provide is the same as with a check.  The only difference is that many Money Orders have limited space to write the information.  If you get the money order from the Post Office, the payor amount is written on the left-hand side of the money order and the payee information is on the right-hand side.

Payor (purchaser) – provide the name and if space allows the current address of the person that purchased the money order.  It is preferable that the conditional resident purchases the money order.  This way if the payment is separated from the case, it can easily be traced and or returned to the payor.

Payee – write  US Department of Homeland Security.  Remember, do not abbreviate the name.

Sign – the purchaser must sign the Money Order.  The signature section may be called – Purchaser’s signature, Purchaser, Signer, or Drawer.  As with checks, do not sign the back of the Money Order.

Make sure to keep a copy of the completed Money Order for your records.

Carefully preparing your payment document can ensure quick processing of your I-751.

I-751 – Attorney Services & Fees

We work with a few select highly experienced immigration attorneys.

The attorney fee is $995. This is a flat fee with no hidden costs.

The USCIS fee is $680.

If you would like an experienced, highly rated immigration attorney to assist you in removing the conditions of residence, below is an overview of how the process will work:

1. You complete and submit the form below requesting a Retainer Agreement.

2. The immigration attorney will e-mail you the Retainer Agreement.

3. You email back the signed Retainer Agreement with the attorney fee required to begin the case.

4. When the signed retainer agreement and attorney fee are received, your case will begin and your online account will be set up.

5. You will receive a username and password to log in to your online account. You will then be able to complete your questionnaires and upload the required supporting documents. You will be able to check the status of your case 24/7 using your online account.

6. The immigration attorney will send you the completed USCIS forms to sign.

7. You return the signed forms and USCIS check.

8. The immigration attorney will complete the petition package and file (via FedEx next day) your I-751 petition with USCIS.

9. The immigration attorney will follow up with the USCIS until your I-751 petition is approved, and you receive the 10 year Permanent Residence Card in the mail.

To request a retainer agreement, please complete and submit the form below. The immigration attorney will email you the retainer agreement within 24 hours.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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