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Fiance Visa Interview Questions

The consular interview is the MOST important step in obtaining the Fiance visa. 

This is where the foreign Fiance must convince the consulate officer that the relationship with the US Citizen is bona fide.

If they are unable to do this, the case will either be put under Administrative Processing (further investigation) or the visa will be denied. 

Remember, the officers are trained to sniff out visa frauds and will use their training to determine if your case is real or fake. 

If you are nervous, the officer might mistake this as a sign that you are hiding something. 

Being confident and secure in your relationship will help tremendously. 

Each interview will be different and depending on the officer can include any number of questions. 

The more you know about your sponsoring partner, their lives, and your relationship, the easier the interview will be. 

The officer will be asking very personal questions and delving deep into your relationship.  The foreign Fiance needs to be prepared to answer intimate questions honestly and completely. 

  1. Biographical Information:
    • Name – current and any other names/aliases used.
    • Birth Information – date, location
    • Physical Characteristics – hair color, eye color, weight, height etc.
    • Family – parents, siblings, children, best friends,
    • Marital – prior spouses, details about the ending of prior marriages.
    • Language Differences – if you do not speak the same language, explain how you communicate
    • Religious Background
  2. Relationship – how did you meet, how long were you dating, how often did you see each other in person, dating activities, engagement, and your feelings for each other.
  3. Marriage Plans – when and where, why are you choosing to get married in the US, will the foreign Fiance’s family be able to attend and if not, then why, honeymoon plans
  4. Meeting each other’s family – whether in person or through video calls, details on how and when you met the family – if you have not met any family members, explain why.
  5. Education Information – school attendance, graduation, degrees, subject studied, etc.
  6. Home/Residence – current address, type of housing (apartment/home); information about the city where they live – rural, suburbs, etc.
  7. Employment – name and address of current employer, how long they have been working there, job title and duties, name of supervisor or co-workers.
  8. If the US sponsor has any criminal history – foreign Fiance must know about these incidents and be able to answer questions regarding them – date and location, what were the charges and the outcome.
  9. Prior cases filed on behalf of the foreign Fiance – date case was filed and outcome, explain what happened in the relationship. 
  10. Miscellaneous – pets, hobbies, favorite things
  11.  Do you know everything that you have to do once the K-1 visa is approved?