Immigration Solutions

Fiance Visa USA

“My Fiance is from another country…how can I bring them to the U.S.?

Luckily for US Citizens there is a Fiance visa which will solves that problem. 

Once the K-1 Visa (Fiance visa) is issued your Fiance will be able to enter the U.S. and will have 90 days to get married.

“Can my Fiance enter on a tourist visa and then apply for the Green Card (adjust status)? 

The U.S. considers that to be a “fraudulent entry”. 

You may hear/read that “everyone does it” but not everyone gets away with it.

If the entry is deemed fraudulent, then your Fiance will not only be denied the green card, but it will bar them from ever being allowed to adjust their status. 

You should choose a course of conduct, however inconvenient, that will be honest, truthful and without reproach to allow you and your partner the best chance of achieving your immigration goal. 

Remember, not even love can conquer a fraudulent entry.