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Fiance Visa vs Spouse Visa

Which visa should I apply for – the Fiance visa or the spouse visa? 

  1. The processing times are about equal for a Fiance visa and spouse visa – approximately 6 – 9 months for the K-1  and 7 – 10 months for the spouse visa.
  2. The fees are higher for the K-1 visa process.  Not including the miscellaneous fees for photocopying and obtaining documents it can cost $2,325 or more for the K-1 Visa and Green Card.  Whereas for the spouse visa the total fees are approximately $1,200 – not including any miscellaneous fees.  
  3. If you file the K-1 you MUST get married in the US. Whereas with the spouse visa you can get married anywhere in the world.
  4. If you file for the K-1 visa, you will still have to apply for the Green Card after your marriage.  Currently that processing can take 9 – 14 months.
  5. If you file for the spouse visa, your foreign spouse will get the Green Card mailed to the US address approximately 1-3 months after US entry on the spouse visa.

Ultimately, the decision boils down to where you want to get married and your financial means.