Immigration Solutions

Proving a bona fide green card relationship (2022)

To obtain a green card, your marriage must be bona fide.

This can be proven by presenting the following documentation:

Photographs that show both spouses together and with family and friends. These photographs can be taken at the wedding, at other functions or events, and throughout their relationship.

Letters between the couple before the marriage, with their postmarked envelope.

Evidence of trips the couple has taken together, including bills and receipts reflecting hotel stays, car rental, plane tickets, postcards sent to family members while on the trip.

Birth certificates of children of the marriage.

Copies of joint income tax returns.

Evidence of joint checking or savings accounts.

Photo ID cards of both spouses with a new card for the wife showing her married name.

Driver’s licenses, credit cards, check cashing cards, employment ID cards, video club memberships, etc. for both parties.

Real property deeds showing joint tenancy.

Apartment lease or a letter from the landlord indicating that both spouses live at the apartment or copies of rent receipts showing both parties’ names.

Letter from an employer showing a change in records to reflect the spouses’ new marital status.

Letter from an employer showing designation of the spouse as the person to be notified in event of accident, sickness, or other emergency.

Evidence of life insurance policies where the spouse is named as beneficiary.

Evidence of medical or health insurance plans, which name the spouse as a member or beneficiary.

Evidence of correspondence between parties, including letters, birthday and holiday cards, telephone calls, and other correspondence addressed to the parties.

Religious marriage certificates if the couple had a church wedding.

Copies of gas, electric, telephone and other utility bills.

Evidence of joint ownership of an automobile.

Evidence of all major purchases made together, such as stereo, television, refrigerator, washer, dryer, etc.

Pictures of spouse and family.