National Interest Waiver – Free Assessment

Please complete and submit the following National Interest Waiver Assessment Form below.

We usually are able to reply within 24 hours with our assessment.

If we feel that you have a strong case we will let you know that we are willing to accept your case.

We will respond with 1 of 3 options:

    • You are highly qualified, and we are offering “Approval or Full Refund” of the attorney fee: The attorney fee is $2,500, paid upfront. If your I-140 petition is denied, then we will refund the entire $2,500 attorney fee.
    • You are qualified and we are offering “Approval or no Balance Due”: The attorney fee is $3,500 made in 2 payments. $2,000 to start your case then $1,500 after USCIS issues your I-140 approval notice. If your I-140 petition is denied, then there is no balance due.
    • You are not qualified: We will suggest other options.

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