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NIW Approval – Biosystems Engineer

We received an I-140 I-797 approval on 12/5/21 for an applicant with a Ph.D. in biosystems engineering.

He is a research scientist from Brazil with 67 citations from his 7 peer-reviewed journal articles.

He is active in his field as a peer reviewer and judged the work of others 28 times, indicating his elevated standing in the field.

His education and training, his documented record of scholarly publication, and the recognized influence of his research in the field demonstrate that he is well-positioned to advance his work in the United States.

When we were approached for his NIW case preparation, we asked him to provide us with the relevant paperwork and started preparing his case.

We focused on his primary endeavor seems to be relevant to the problems related to water scarcity and management as well as improved agricultural practices.

It was our main objective to prove to the USCIS that his research is of great importance in the United States because it supports water resource sustainability and efficiency, particularly as related to agriculture and other human activity.

We also noted that our client’s work has been supported with funding grants from prestigious organizations that demonstrate the significance and national importance of his research.

We included 7 recommendation letters he obtained from other researchers in the field, showing how his research was a valuable resource for their projects.

USCIS was persuaded with our presentation of our client’s case, displaying all the evidence that his research holds significant value for addressing growing water scarcity in the U.S. through improved water policies.

He was granted the I-140 NIW approval without an RFE.

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