Top 5 reasons to outsource your immigration cases

By John Dorer

Building and scaling a law practice is difficult.

More business usually means a bigger office, more employees, more desks, more chairs and more pc’s.

More employees is great, but also carries additional burdens. (Is it me or does it seem that employees inevitably take sick and personal days when you have the biggest workloads and deadlines.)

Then you have the employee administrative issues to deal with: appraisals, raises, insurance, benefits, etc.

If you like dealing with that stuff, that’s great.

But if you prefer working on higher value tasks, like bringing new clients, it can be a drag.

So what options does an attorney have?

One option is to outsource all or part of your legal work to a legal outsourcing firm.

If you are an attorney with immigration clients here are the top 5 reasons to outsource your immigration cases:

1) Take on more cases without increasing your overhead.

The managing overhead cost in any business is paramount to the survival of the business because it is the total cost of running a business. Outsourcing legal immigration cases will allow you to manage your overhead cost because the lawyer or firm you employ will most definitely have a fixed price to deliver the job unlike when you are doing it yourself, you never know when unexpected expenditures pop up.

2) Rely on the expertise of experienced immigration paralegals

Outsourcing immigration cases also give you the liberty to rely on the experience of the paralegals you employ to do the job. You will sleep well at night knowing well that your case is in the hands of experienced and super competent lawyers that will definitely deliver. This also saves you the stress of attending numerous legal hearings.

3) Avoid hiring and training your own immigration paralegals

Employment and training is not an easy thing to facilitate in any industry, employment and training take time and money. Outsourcing helps you avoid the rigorous and costly process of employing and training your own paralegals making it faster to deliver your service to the clients.

 4) Spend your time on tasks only you can do

When you outsource your immigration cases, you actually get more time to work on cases that are you enjoy and cases that you feel comfortable preparing. This also gives you time to be more productive by not spending time trying to learn new case type.

5) Increase your income

From all the previous reasons , you will notice that the common goal is to increase income because increasing productivity, cutting costs and increasing efficiency will improve your finances.

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