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ETA – Foreign Labor Certification – Forms

PermanentETA 9089Permanent Online Application
Application for Permanent Employment CertificationInstructions for Completing Form ETA 9089
H-1B / H-1B1 / E-3ETA-9035Labor Condition Application Online ApplicationLabor Condition ApplicationForm ETA-9035CP InstructionsForm ETA-9035 Appendix A
H-2AETA-9142AH-2A Application for Temporary Employment CertificationOnline H-2A Application for Temporary Employment CertificationAppendix AForm ETA-9142A – General Instructions
ETA-790Agricultural Clearance Order Form ETA-790
ETA-790AH-2A Agricultural Clearance Order Form ETA-790AForm ETA-790A Addendum AForm ETA-790A Addendum BForm ETA-790A Addendum CH-2A Agricultural Clearance Order Form ETA-790 – General Instructions
H-2AETA 385Domestic Agricultural In-Season Wage Finding Process
H-2AETA-232Domestic Agricultural In-Season Wage Report
H-2AETA-232AWage Survey Interview Record
H-2BETA-9142BH-2B Application for Temporary Employment CertificationOnline H-2B Application for Temporary Employment CertificationH-2B Appendix AH-2B Appendix BH-2B Appendix CH-2B Appendix DForm ETA-9142B – General InstructionsAttestation for Employers Seeking Staggered Border Crossings of H-2B Nonimmigrants Working in the Seafood IndustryForm ETA-9142-B-CAA-4, Attestation for Employers Seeking to Employ H-2B Nonimmigrant Workers Under Section 105 of Division O of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, Public Law 116-260Form ETA-9142-B-CAA-4, General Instructions
ETA-9155The registration process is currently not operational – form ETA-9155 is not needed at this time.
CW-1 Prevailing WageETA-9141CForm ETA-9141C Application for Prevailing Wage DeterminationForm ETA-9141C Application for Prevailing Wage Determination General Instructions
CW-1ETA-9142CForm ETA-9142C CW-1 Application for Temporary Employment CertificationForm ETA-9142C CW-1 Application for Temporary Employment Certification General InstructionsForm ETA-9142C, Appendix A – Employer-Client InformationForm ETA-9142C, Appendix B – Additional Worksite and Wage InformationForm ETA-9142C, Appendix C – Attorney/Agent/Employer Declarations
Prevailing Wage (PERM / LCA / H-2B)ETA-9141ETA-9141 Application for Prevailing Wage DeterminationOnline Application for Prevailing Wage DeterminationETA-9141 General InstructionsForm ETA-9141, Appendix A – Request for Additional Worksite(s)
ETA-9165H-2B Form ETA-9165H-2B Form ETA-9165 Instructions
D-1ETA-9033Attestation by Employers using Alien Crewmembers for Longshore Activities in U.S. Ports
D-1ETA-9033-AAttestation by Employers Using Alien Crewmembers for Longshore Activities At Locations in the State of Alaska
Professional AthletesETA-750A
Itemized Instructions for completing form ETA-750
H-2A and H-2BETA-9127Foreign Labor Certification Quarterly Activity ReportForeign Labor Certification Quarterly Activity Report Instructions