Immigration Solutions

6) (E) Job Opportunity and Wage Information

PERM – ETA-9089 – FLAG – 6) (E) Job Opportunity and Wage Information

E.3. Offered Wage – Enter the same wage as entered on the Notice of Filing.

  • Example:
    • From: $55,000.00
  • From is Required.
  • To is Not Required.
  • Tooltip: Enter the rate of pay to be paid to the worker.
  • If the wage offer is expressed as a range, enter the bottom of the wage range to be paid on the “From:” line and enter the top of the wage range on the “To:” line.

E.5. Additional conditions about the offered wage (Enter up to 500 characters)

  • Enter: The wage rate does not account for future increases due to annual cost of living increases or allowances.