Immigration Solutions

Registering an Employer Account on the PERM Website

Your business information is screened for verification when you submit your registration information.

If the business information is verified:

the employer contact is sent an email containing the username and a temporary password.

Use the temporary password to login to the PERM Online System (see Accessing the System as a Registered User below); you will be asked to change your password before continuing.

A second email is also sent to the employer contact containing a unique 4-digit PIN needed to submit Perm cases to the Online System.

If your business information is not initially verified:

The employer contact is sent an email asking them to send proof of business entity (e.g. articles of incorporation, business license, state registration, etc.) and proof of physical location (e.g. utility bill, tax record, etc.) to the appropriate processing center, based on the area of intended employment for the occupation for which you are submitting applications.

These two processing centers are in Chicago and Atlanta.

Please be patient – this email may take up to five business days to be sent.

An analyst in the processing center will attempt to verify the business’ existence using the documentation provided by the employer.

If the business information is again not verified, the employer contact is sent an email explaining that the registration information was not verified and the user cannot use the PERM Online System.

If the business information is verified by the analyst, the employer contact is sent the two emails, one containing the username and temporary password for the system; the other containing the employer’s unique PIN for submitting cases.

If 5 Days have passed and you have not heard from PERM:

Send an email to

Subject Line: Waiting for Username and PW

Email Body:

Hello PERM,

I have not yet received my username and password.

Registration Details:

Registration Date:


Job Title:

Organization Name:

Organization Address:



Please let me know when to expect my username and password.