Immigration Solutions

What steps are involved in the PERM Labor Certification Process?

Step 1) Create the PERM position.

This includes:

  • Job Title
  • Job Duties
  • Work Location
  • Minimum Requirements (Degree, Work Experience, Other)
  • Where (address) to send Resumes

Step 2: Make sure the beneficiary meets your minimum requirements.

  • Obtain and check the beneficiary’s educational documents and work experience letters.

Step 3: File the Prevailing Wage Request through the FLAG DOL website.

Step 4: Begin the Recruitment Process

  • Internal Notice of Filing
  • 2 Sundays in Major Newspaper where permanent position is located
  • 30 days in the State Workforce Agency
  • For Professional Positions: Choose 3 of the following 10 options:
    • Employer’s website
    • Job Fair
    • Job search website other than the employers.
    • On-campus recruiting.
    • Trade or professional organizations.
    • Private employment firms.
    • Employee referral program with incentives.
    • Campus placement offices.
    • Local and ethnic newspapers.
    • Radio and television advertisements.

Step 5: Prepare the Recruitment Report

Step 6: Prepare and File DOL Form ETA 9089 online