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Creating the PERM Position

The PERM position must contain the following elements as described in 20 CFR § 656.17 – Basic labor certification process:

  • Job Title
  • Job Duties
  • Work Location
  • Minimum Requirements (Degree, Work Experience, Other)
  • Where (address) to send Resumes

Job Title

  • The job title should correspond to an occupation from O*NET OnLine.

Job Duties

  • Provide a description of the vacancy specific enough to apprise the U.S. workers of the job opportunity for which certification is sought.

Work Location

  • The work location is normally indicated by entering the city, and state of the permanent position and if travel is required.
  • It usually appears in the PERM ad after the job title and before the job duties.
  • Indicate the geographic area of employment with enough specificity to apprise applicants of any travel requirements and where applicants will likely have to reside to perform the job opportunity.

Minimum Requirements (Degree, Work Experience, Other)

The job opportunity’s requirements, unless adequately documented as arising from business necessity, must be those normally required for the occupation and must not exceed the Specific Vocational Preparation (SVP) level assigned to the occupation as shown in the O*NET Job Zones.

  • To establish a business necessity, an employer must demonstrate the job duties and requirements bear a reasonable relationship to the occupation in the context of the employer’s business and are essential to perform the job in a reasonable manner.

Where (address) to send Resumes

  • Direct applicants to report or send resumes, as appropriate for the occupation, to the employer.

Sample PERM Ad:

Software Developer (New York, NY and client sites) Design and develop custom GUI applications for client companies. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Computer Science or closely related field. 2 years of exp required. Must be proficient in C++. Mail Resumes to Acme, Inc. Attn: HR, 123 Main Street, New York, NY 10010

PERM Ad Template:

(job Title) (work location) (job duties) (minimum requirements) (send resumes to)


PERM Position Questions

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