PERM Labor Certification – Attorney Outsourcing – Immigration Case Preparation

Our Fee: $795

How it Works:

  1. You return the signed agreement.
  2. You pay the invoice we generate. Our fee is $795.
  3. You receive the client portal login and instructions from us.
  4. You receive a customized document from us for you to send to your client regarding documents needed, faq, and timeline
  5. You complete the client questionnaires and upload the supporting documents
  6. We will prepare the PERM ad, the ETA 9141 Prevailing Wage Request, the Internal Posting, and the ETA-9089 forms.
  7. You receive a zip file from us with the supporting documents and detailed filing instructions as well as a custom “What’s Next” document for your client.

What we do:

  1. We provide detailed instructions that you can provide to your client regarding information and documentation needed.
  2. Client account set up
  3. Send customized PERM Labor Certification required document checklist 
  4. Provide information regarding required documents, position details and requirements, prevailing wage, SOC code, and NAICS code
  5. Prepare PERM ad draft with explanation 
  6. Provide pdf of completed ETA-9141, Prevailing Wage Request
  7. Provide 3rd party perm ad agency for advertising/recruitment requirement
  8. Prepare in house Notice of Posting
  9. Provide information regarding Notice of Posting
  10. Provide Recruitment Report template and interviewing instructions
  11. Provide pdf of completed ETA-9089 PERM petition
  12. Prepare PERM Audit File

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