K-1 Fiance Visa – Attorney Outsourcing – Immigration Case Preparation

Our Fee: $595

What we do:

  1. We email you the agreement to sign and return. We then send you the invoice.
  2. We email you your client portal login credentials and instructions.
  3. We forward detailed instructions to you regarding information and documentation needed to prepare the USCIS petitions.
  4. Upon receipt of said information and documentation, we will confirm receipt of same and inform you of any deficiencies and how to redress the issue.  Specifically, determining if a joint sponsor is required on the case. 
  5. We will prepare the required USCIS Forms: G-28, I-129F, and I-134.  
  6. We will forward you a zip file containing:
    • completed USCIS forms;
    • clear instructions where each petition must be signed and dated;
    • copy of the supporting documents required for the filing; 
    • detailed filing instructions as well as a USCIS Processing Document (PID) which includes a timeline for both the USCIS and Consular Processing (What’s Next: when to expect certain milestones); and a
    • Required Document Checklist for the Consular Process.

What you do:

  1. You request an agreement below.
  2. You return the signed agreement. (here is a sample agreement)
  3. You pay the invoice we generate. Our fee is $595.
  4. You complete the client questionnaires and upload the supporting documents.
  5. You receive the zip file detailed below, obtain signatures on USCIS forms, and file the petition with USCIS.

Attorney Case Outsource - Agreement Request

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K-1 Fiance Visa – Attorney Outsourcing – Immigration Case Preparation
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