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USCIS Service Centers Will No Longer Accept Form I-129 Petitions Requesting H-1B or H-1B1 (HSC) Classification


On April 1, 2024, USCIS service centers will no longer accept Form I-129 petitions requesting H-1B Specialty Occupation Worker or H-1B1 (HSC) Free Trade Agreement Worker in a specialty occupation from Chile and Singapore classification.

Beginning April 1, 2024, all paper-filed Form I-129 petitions requesting H-1B1 (HSC) or H-1B classification, including those with a concurrent Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service, and those with concurrently filed Form I-539 and/or Form I-765, must be filed at a USCIS lockbox facility.

If you are filing Form I-129 alone or with Form I-907, you may also file online.

In March, USCIS will launch online filing of Form I-129 and associated Form I-907 for non-cap H-1B petitions.

On April 1, USCIS will begin accepting online filing for H-1B cap petitions and associated Forms I-907 for petitioners whose registrations have been selected.

USCIS will reject paper filed H-1B or H-1B1 (HSC) petitions received at a USCIS service center on or after April 1, 2024.

There will be no grace period provided.

Due to systems limitations, USCIS service centers will not be able to intake the new versions of the Form I-129 for H-1B and H-1B1 classification from the previously announced H-1B Final Rule published on Feb. 2, 2024, or the Fee Final Rule that takes effect on April 1st.

Due to the planned lockbox transition, USCIS service centers also do not have sufficient temporary staffing to accommodate the increased filing for the H-1B cap season.

USCIS will provide the lockbox filing addresses for paper filed forms in late March via web alert and on the USCIS Form I-129 Direct Filing Addresses page.

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